Apologies for the Lateness. Cuteness Emergency

Sorry for waiting until mid-day to have my first post, but I had to go run an errand. But not just any silly errand. I had to take my dog Scotch to go get groomed. If you are unfamiliar, Scotch is short for Butterscotch (look at those spots), and he is a big Cocker Spaniel. This was his before shot (that’s his default “belly rub, please” position, AKA the Costanza “Art of Seduction” pose):

Scotch before

“I can see that his ears are butterscotch-colored, but what spots?” you ask. Exactly. Much like his nose, Scotch’s body is actually covered in freckles and spots. But as his white fur grows out, they overtake the spots (not to mention that his paws become poof balls that pick up all manner of dirt when we take him for a walk in the park). So we tell the groomer, “Don’t stop until you see the spots.” Here’s the beastly little fellow looking slim and trim (and apologies for the exposed junk, but can you spot the spots?).

Scotch after

He was scruffy before. That’s cute, but I think he looks even cuter when he’s been buzzed. Of course, I’m biased. But now he’s had a treat, and he’s back home napping. Time for me to get back to writing.

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