Goodbye, Scotch

Whether it’s his big, brown eyes, peeking out from under droopy lids, wondering why we woke him up, Or it’s his stub of a tail , wiggling like mad, greeting me at the door, Or a soft whine from the floor, begging to be petted, demanding another belly rub, Or a soft snore from one…

Cheering Up

So I got some sad if not entirely unexpected news from Scotch’s vet today. So while Laura and I are dealing with new meds and warning signs and whatnot, Reddit was there to cheer me up. So let me introduce you to: The Eyebrow King (courtesy of Redditor luckyliv1) and Freddy Kroger (courtesy of Redditor…

Silly Puppy

No real post today. Instead, I’m entertaining a very needy dog. In case you’ve never had the pleasure, this is pretty much what it’s like when you don’t pay attention to Scotch. I’ll be back tomorrow, if Scotch is feeling sleepy and gives me a few minutes.