Goodbye, Scotch

First Meeting

Whether it’s his big, brown eyes, peeking out from under droopy lids, wondering why we woke him up,

Or it’s his stub of a tail , wiggling like mad, greeting me at the door,

Or a soft whine from the floor, begging to be petted, demanding another belly rub,

Or a soft snore from one of his many beds, dreaming again, chasing one of the many neighborhood bunnies,

Or a quiet walk through the neighborhood, staring up sunrises and moonrises, sniffing under bushes for treasure,

Or his soft fur, pressing up against me, cuddling after a long day,

We’re going to miss you, Scotch. Today and always.

And we would like to give our thanks to OBG Cocker Rescue, for introducing us to Scotch, and to Arlington Animal Hospital, CVCA Cardiac Care, and VCA SouthPaws for all of their time, effort, and care. And thank you to all of our friends and family who spent time with Scotch–who shared their love for his sad eyes and their patience for his shenanigans. We know you all loved him as much as we did.

Scotch at the Winery

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