What We Have Here…

…is a failure to communicate.

You see, for a long time, Scotch was not allowed on the sofa. But, he has become older, sicker, and whinier. And, as Laura and I do not like to listen to whining (and as we are big suckers), we now let him up on the sofa. But we have one rule: he’s not allowed to get up on the sofa unless the blanket has been put down first.

However, when I go into the kitchen, if he doesn’t follow me to “supervise”/clean up, he will hop up on the sofa, often when no blanket is down. He did this today, so I decided to find out what happened when I put the blanket down over him. This was the result.

Scotch Blanket

After picking up my phone, I then had to pick him up and correct the situation. It’s a good thing he’s so cute. Otherwise, Scotch would be exasperating.

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