The Family Went Hiking

So this weekend, my wife, my dog, and I went hiking on a local trail, Scott’s Run. We caught a good window of weather, and we got to enjoy the scenery: the woods, the river, all that good stuff. Here are some pics. And yeah, they were taken with Instagram. I’m that guy. Deal with it. But if you want to be Instagram friends, I’m at erchristensen.

Laura & Scotch SR

Here’s Laura and Scotch at the beginning of the trail. Are you supposed to walk clockwise on a loop trail? We seemed to be the only people walking counter-clockwise.

Potomac River SR

We decided to take a break at the Potomac River for a quick snack. Goldfish crackers for the humans; Milkbones for the dog.

Waterfall SR

Here’s the waterfall near our snack stop.

Laura & Scotch2 SR

And here are Laura and Scotch again, as we walked along the trail near the end.

Whether you call it Columbus Day, Explorers’ Day, or that day everyone else gets off, I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

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