Programming Note–Bathroom Remodeling Edition

Sorry I haven’t posted today. I’ve been busy running around trying to get bathroom remodeling started. As I’m sure anyone who has had any sort of remodeling done, whether bathroom, kitchen, or otherwise, would agree, this sort of project never runs smoothly and it never starts and finishes on time.

It should have started a while ago, but parts were on backorder. Then it was supposed to start today, but there are issues with shutting off the water to my unit (because it requires water to be shut off for the whole floor and the building is doing various inspections before the onset of winter), so now it’ll start a week from now.

Let me be clear–this isn’t a knock on the remodeling company; they have been great–this is just the way things are when you have to coordinate contractors, building managers, and my family’s schedule. We’re still on track to have everything done by Thanksgiving, so that’s great.

But, needless to say, I’ve been scheduling and rescheduling and organizing supplies. I haven’t been writing all that much today. I just wanted to explain my silence.

So when you hear how logistics wins wars, never doubt it. Without good organization, nothing gets done. Thank goodness I married a wonderfully organized woman. Because I’d be lost without her.

And yes, I just linked warfighting to my marriage. But thankfully, she won’t be insulted. You see, at our wedding, we had people sign a large piece of matting that surrounded a small photo. As 1) we didn’t have a wedding photo yet, and 2) we used various DC monuments to arrange the seating, we used a small photo of this quote from the World War II Memorial:

WWII Memorial D-Day Quote

We thought people would get a chuckle if they read that quote in the context of getting married. So, yeah, we’ve been making these jokes since the day we got married–on the anniversary of D-Day. And by the way, that photo is still there. So where was I? Oh, yes, be organized, get a new bathroom. Now back to writing.

I need more coffee….

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