Halloween at the Christensen House

Sorry about the very late post today. I had to get some work done before some friends and family came over for Halloween. But we ended up having a fun little party.

Once the work was done, the first step in party prep was (sadly) dressing up my dog. Normally, I’m against dressing up pets in any way, but my wife found a loophole. She played to my Texas fan nature. She decided to dress up our dog as “Bevo in Training.” For those who are unfamiliar, Bevo is the Longhorn mascot for the University of Texas. Here are some pics. First, here’s my dog Scotch with his horns on.

Horns Up

Next, here are some shots of Scotch in his t-shirt. In one, you can see me, dressed as a referee, throwing a flag, for unsportsmanlike begging for a belly rub.

Bevo in Training

Bevo in Training 2

Then friends and family came over. We ate dinner, and then we started watching scary movies. We started flipping around between Lost Boys, The Exorcist, and The Shining. Interestingly enough, my four month old neice, Erin, loved The Shining. I mean loved The Shining. Here she is, laughing her butt off.

Erin Shining

I don’t know what this says about her future, but it’s one helluva coincidence that her mom and my wife are identical twins. Come play with us for ever…and ever…Where was I? Oh yes, doesn’t Erin look great in her cupcake costume? Adorable. Hope everyone else had a great Halloween too.

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