Election Eve

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I don’t shy away from making political posts. It’s pretty obvious where I stand. I’m about the furthest thing away from being an undecided voter. I know who I’m voting for; I know how I’m voting on local propositions and bond issues; and I plan on staying up late into the night to watch the returns.

However, as I have made up my mind on these issues, 30-second political ads are the last thing I want to see. Actors paid to deliver a sound bite out of their sympathetic faces are just annoying at this point.

That’s why yesterday my wife and I went to see Argo (great movie, by the way), and tonight I plan on watching football and DVR’d TV shows. Anything to avoid those ads. I’m far more interested in the statistical models behind polling, particularly as they intersect with changing demographics and lack of land lines in most homes. But that’s me, I’m a nerd. I really don’t care what a pretend soccer mom has to say. And as a Virginia voter, I’m a little tired of hearing about Maryland’s issues.

But all that curmudgeonly griping aside, it is very important that you go out and vote. In 2000, Florida came down to a few hundred votes. Make sure your opinions are counted, however you stand on the issues.

What do you think? Ready for this election season to be over? Avoiding the ads? Going to stay up late tomorrow?

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