First Trailer for After Earth

The first trailer for director M. Night Shyamalan’s movie “After Earth,” starring real-life father and son team Will and Jaden Smith, was released today. They crash on Earth, and Jaden goes exploring, confronting dangers of all sorts while his father gives him advice. Take a look.

Is it me, or does Will Smith’s voice sound strange? Almost as if someone has done a voice over for him. And like the “Oblivion” trailer I linked to earlier today, I’m not particularly excited about this movie. Maybe it’s the fact that Shyamalan hasn’t made a really good movie since the twentieth century. Or maybe it’s because I was hoping I would hear Will Smith say, “Welcome [back] to planet Earth.”

So what do you think the groan-worthy twist will be? That while crashing, they’ll pass over someone pounding the sand while staring at the head of the Statue of Liberty? That it’s really a prehistoric earth? That Jaden is a Prometheus character, giving a tool (monolith?) to primitive hominids?

1 thought on “First Trailer for After Earth

  1. I like Shayamalan and Smith, so I’m looking forward to this. It’ll probably be panned all around, as most people don’t seem to like anything Shayamalan does any more, but I’ve liked all of his movies. I like his style and his story telling, so those have helped me get through the movies of this that others disliked. And yeah, Will has a weird accent. Must be part of the character for some reason.

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