Star Trek Reveals or is J.J. Abrams Messing With Us?

A couple of reveals about the second movie in the new Star Trek series came out yesterday and today. One I think is probably more legit than the other, but we’ll see…

The reveal that came out today I saw on blastr (but it was credited to Bleeding Cool). It says that Alice Eve’s character is molecular biologist Carol Marcus. For fans of Star Trek, that should ring a bell. Not because she had a relationship with Kirk (because that’s not very unique for women in Star Trek), but because she was behind The Genesis Project. For those who need a reminder, the Genesis Project is a big part of the Khan storyline, so is Khan involved or not?

Second, as revealed on, Benedict Cumberbatch has a character name: John Harrison. Or is it? Because in Star Trek, John Harrison was a placeholder name for unimportant characters who were only on screen for a second. Surely Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t a redshirt, so who is he really? Is he the lowly genius ignored by the Federation? Is it an alias Cumberbatch provides when imprisoned–check out the pic on the link–(ugh, maybe part of his plan all along like the BBC’s Sherlock series, Skyfall, and the Avengers?)? Or is J.J. Abrams fooling us yet again by giving us a placeholder name instead of his real name, so we’ll spend our holidays wondering if Khan will be in this movie or not? Damn you, Abrams, you evil genius.

Oh, and if you go read the original Bleeding Cool article, you’ll also get another reveal: Klingons! Lots of Klingons in the new movie. But then again, if you have eagle eyes, you would have spotted at least one in the trailer.

So what is your take on the reveals? Legit? Hoax? Both?

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