I Don’t Know What to Say

I went out to lunch with my wife today, and when I returned, I came back to the news of a terrible tragedy in Connecticut. A shooting death is a terrible thing. A school shooting is worse. A elementary school shooting is almost unthinkable.

It doesn’t seem right to post something silly or flippant right now. My mother is a pre-school teacher. My sister just started teaching a class of second graders. Had my family not moved from Colorado, Columbine would have been my local high school, and my sister would have been a student at the time of the shooting. I don’t know what I would do if they were present at something like this.

I can’t imagine what the friends and family members of the dead must be going through right now. They will enter the holiday season terribly injured. There will be empty seats around the dinner table and gifts that are never unwrapped. Laughter gone silent, and futures that will never be realized. I hope everyone will remember that in times of evil and tragedy, there is also an opportunity for love, kindness, and generosity. Hopefully we will remember that it should continue beyond the holidays. Take care of each other, everyone.

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