Neil Gaiman Gives Details on HBO Adaptation of AMERICAN GODS

I first heard Neil Gaiman mention that HBO was adapting AMERICAN GODS when he came to the National Press Club to talk about the 10th Anniversary of the book. But that was it, until recently.

During the Cambridge International Student Film Festival, Neil Gaiman took over the Festival’s Twitter account and talked a bit about potential premiere dates, how the book will be adapted to fit seasons, and the sequel to AMERICAN GODS.

I really enjoyed AMERICAN GODS, so I look forward to seeing it on TV. But I’m a big mythology nerd. I know “Neil Gaiman does urban fantasy” isn’t for everyone, but I really hope it takes off. I hope it will become “the next Game of Thrones,” but it’s so different. Still dark, but present day, more magic, and middle America. Fingers crossed.

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