Refilling the Well or Down in the Dumps?

I’ve been feeling a little run down and burnt out lately. While I’m getting all my work and chores done, I’ve noticed that I haven’t really been feeling it when it comes to my creative writing. I know, wah wah, first world problems and all that.

I don’t know if that’s due to yet another rejection, other bits of bad news (you know it’s bad when the veterinarian’s demeanor and tone of voice changes and you start hearing phrases like “quality of life” and “survival benefits” tossed about), various other stressors, or what.

One of those days

(Image courtesy of Redditor mandal0re.)

When I feel stressed and depressed, my internal editor pounces. Suddenly everything I write is crap. I see errors, cliches, and boring writing instead of looking for the good qualities, the original thinking, or potential story ideas. And so I start writing less and less.

It’s not a full on writer’s block, but I feel like I’m headed that way. I can keep writing, and try to push through the block, or I can back away and try to change up a few things (what I’m reading, physical activity levels, hobbies, etc.) to try to generate new sparks. Or I can take a break from writing entirely, but I’d hate to break the chain.

How do you push through on your bad days? How do you refill the well and rediscover your motivation? Leave your comments below. I’d love to hear them.

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