Birthday Cake: In Theory and In Practice

So tomorrow is my wife’s birthday. As a good husband, I decided to try my hand at baking a cake for her. When I saw a recipe that included some of her favorite things (maple syrup and pecans), I knew it was a winner. And looking at the website, it looked like it would turn out beautifully:

Vermont Maple Pecan Cake

(Image courtesy of

But here’s the catch. I am not a baker. But, thankfully my wife’s twin sister is (she even made our wedding cake). So I went to her for some tips and equipment. But, despite her best efforts, I will not be rivaling her as the family’s go-to baker any time soon.

My rounds didn’t exactly spring forth from the pan. And they weren’t exactly the same size. All I can say is thank goodness for the camouflaging frosting can do.

My cake

Not perfect, but not as bad as I feared. Thankfully, the taste should more than make up for anything I did wrong.

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