I Want Your Opinion

As I prefer to do shopping online instead of in most stores, I decided to give Warby Parker a try (No, this is not an ad, and no they are not paying me). If you are unfamiliar with Warby Parker, the way it works is that you pick out five frames, they send them to you, you try them on, pick one, send them back with your prescription information, and then they mail you your glasses. Got it? Good.

So I wanted to see what everyone out there thought (don’t let me down, Internet. Trolls will be deleted). Pictures were taken with Photo Booth, so please excuse the screen reflection and the less than flattering angle. Also, whatever smirk (or lack of one) should be taken as a comment on my computer, not the glasses themselves. And yes, this will pretty much be splitting hairs. I chose five frames that are similar. However, if you like a frame, but don’t like the color, please let me know. I had to choose one color, but just about every frame has multiple colors that I liked.

Option 1: Wilkie (color: Whiskey Tortoise)


Option 2: Linwood (color: Revolver Black)


Option 3: Thompson (color: Revolver Black)


Option 4: Theo (color: Whiskey Tortoise)


Option 5: Sibley (color: Whiskey Tortoise Matte)


Please leave your comments below. I look forward to seeing what you think.

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