And the Winner Is?

Yesterday, I asked for your opinion on what glasses I should pick. First off, thank you all very much for your comments. I was glad to see so many of you responding on the blog, Facebook, gchat, etc.

So what were the results? For the most part, option 1 and option 4 were the most popular, although there was a late push for option 5 as well.

And what did I think? Well, on paper, I was excited about option 5. I liked the unique matte finish, but I think the glasses just looked too small on me. I was also drawn to options 1 and 4, but, as it turns out, option 4 received two strike against. First, the lenses looked a little bigger than I would have liked. Second, because the frame was slightly narrower than the others, it pinched the sides of my head (come migraine-day, that would have been terrible). So I chose option 1, the Wilkie.


Again, thank you for the comments. I hope you won’t be too upset if I didn’t go with your choice. Hopefully I won’t regret it either.

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