What Time is It?

Probably the best weekend of the year. Why, you ask? Because it’s Labor Day? No, don’t be silly. Although a Monday off is always nice, it’s not nearly as nice as this:

Bevo et al

That’s right, college football starts this weekend. Football, grilling, beer, cool weather. What’s not to love? Considering that the NFL regular season starts next week, as well as pumpkin spice lattes, this is a wonderful time of the year.

So get out there this weekend. Have fun, relax, and–if it’s your thing–enjoy some football. Hook ‘Em!

4 thoughts on “What Time is It?

  1. As a Texas fan, is this the best weekend because you expect the season to be downhill after this meeting with New Mexico State?

      1. Yes, but more important is who’s a winner on November 16. Also shitty thinks happen in Oklahoma, but not nearly as many as the shitty things and asshattery in Texas, because you know, everything’s bigger there.

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