So Much To Do, Yet So Sleepy

I have a lot to do today: interviews, research, writing, and I’m working a football game tonight. But I would really love to take a nap right now. Often, this is the biggest temptation for me when I work at home. Not that I can wear PJs all day, not that a kitchen stocked with food is a few feet away, and not that I can watch Netflix all day. I can avoid most of these (okay, not the PJs thing. That happens all the time. But what’s the harm in that, if I don’t have a meeting?). But man, the nap thing is tempting. I think that’s why I drink so much coffee. Just so I can stay working instead of napping.

Anyway, no naps for me today. Instead, I’ll nap vicariously through this Corgi puppy (courtesy of Redditor dc5will):

Sleepy Corgi

Have a great weekend, everyone. Enjoy the football, the grilling, and the last chance to wear white pants if that’s your thing. I’ll be traveling this weekend, so you won’t see a post on Monday most likely. Just a heads up.

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