Football Season Is Here, So You Know What That Means

It’s here! It’s here! Regular season football is finally here. Although my Boston-born wife will be watching the Boston Red Sox at the New York Yankees, I will be watching the Baltimore Ravens at the Denver Broncos. Two TVs–the secret to a happy marriage.

Wait, where was I? Oh, right: the joys of football. As much as I love the game, enjoying the weather change during the season, and having a few beers, it’s not all smiles. Because with the return of football, it also means the return of something else:

Fantasy Football

That’s right. The madness-enducing, stressful-for-imaginary-reasons, always unpredictable, fantasy football returns. And apparently I didn’t learn my lesson, because this year I’m in two leagues. So now I get to experience the joys/pains of rooting for and against Peyton Manning at the same time. Lovely.

Oh, for anyone who is contemplating posting a comment about how I should watch “real football” or “fakey-divey football” as I call it, just keep those comments to yourself. Yes, soccer is fun. Yes, it can be a beautiful game. Yes, it is more popular globally than American football. I just don’t care. Let’s just all yell at our respective TVs and not fight about it, okay?

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