My Twitter Fiction in Trapeze Magazine

I think a lot of people are aware that there are all sorts of fiction that are less than novel length. These include novellas (17,000-40,000 words typically), novelettes (7,500-17,000 words), and short stories (up to 7,500 words). But I think people are less familiar with even shorter pieces of fiction, such as flash fiction (less than 1,000 words) and even microfiction (a couple hundred words). And even “microfiction” has developed alongside the rise of twitter. And while print magazines might not publish a bunch of these non-short story formats, many electronic magazines do (and self-publishing has led to a big bump in novellas).

Okay, now that the boring education part is out of the way, here’s the fun bit. One of the magazines that prints microfiction (or Twitterfiction) is Trapeze Magazine. And today they published a story by me. Please go check it out, and you can follow Trapeze Magazine on Twitter if you want to read more.

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