The Debut Review, Jeff Salyards, and the Beginner Writer

Over on, they posted an interview with Jeff Salyards (Blog, Twitter), debut author of the highly-regarded SCOURGE OF THE BETRAYER. Go read the ten-question article. It’s full of good stuff for the beginner writer.

As a beginner writer, I sympathized with much of what Jeff Salyards said. The laziness, the stretches of little writing mixed with stretches of manic writing, and the dream that agents and publishers will jump to take you on as a client. Alas, were it only so. If only we could be rewarded despite our laziness. So what do a beginner writer do about it?

Well, Jeff Salyards gives you some tips. First, great ideas are all well and good, but unless you execute well, your job isn’t complete. Second, you need to get serious about your writing before you get your writing published. Third, publication requires patience. Fourth, your darlings will not make it through the process untouched. Finally, when your readers keep pointing out the same errors, you might want to listen to them.

I don’t want to ruin the whole interview, so please click on the link and read it. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you can take some of what Jeff Salyards says to heart. As I am getting involved with a writers group, that last point is something I’m dealing with. If critics complain about a variety of things, that’s fine. You can follow their advice or ignore it. But if there is consensus about what is wrong with your writing, that’s probably a sign you need to fix it.

Whether you are a beginning writer or a more experienced writer, let me know what you think. I’d love to hear any lessons you’ve found valuable, too.

2 thoughts on “The Debut Review, Jeff Salyards, and the Beginner Writer

  1. Thanks so much for spotlighting this interview. I’m really glad you found it interesting and got something out of it. Laziness will only get you so far. Usually to the fridge. Or back to bed. 😉


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