I’m the Proud Owner of a Savage Beast

Don’t let the cute face fool you. You are looking into the eyes of a savage beast.

Savage Beast

He’s an animal, through and through. It’s why he was able to survive for years on his own on the mean streets of Tennessee.

It’s also why I’m being gassed in my own home.

You see, this guy ate a bit of chicken–bone and all–while out on a walk. Now, that made my wife and I very nervous. That bone could damage his digestive system. We’re taking precautions, keeping a watchful eye, and dreading another trip to the vet.

But I should have known better. His ghoulish hunger could not be sated.

That evening I took him out for a walk, and he darted into a bush. When he emerged, he had something in his mouth. When I pulled it out of his mouth, I realized it was a bird’s skeleton.

I don’t think he ate any of it, by my poor little beastie’s tum tum is definitely upset today. And so I’m being gassed while he naps. He even woke himself up with the stink one time.

This is how he repays our fear and our care. What a lovely day.

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